Paul’s Journey

Hey, fellow adventurers!

I’m Paul, a modern-day nomad.

I have been seeking a lifestyle that suits my personality and opens up possibilities to be a modern-day world traveler! I have lived on three continents and have traveled over 55 countries. With my current home base in South America. I’m mostly focused on advancing my online presence and helping others to achieve their nomad experiences as well.

Are you looking for helpful steps to combine your professional career and adventurous lifestyle? I have developed the key steps to that freedom and I would love for us to share our experiences and ideas!

My goal has always been having my life and mind ready for an adventurous professional lifestyle! That means that I want to feel healthy and fit to go live extraordinary adventures through traveling and at the same time make enough money to sustain myself and pursue my professional path.

In my experience the key is to define a number of essential categories of life and optimize them by breaking them down to very simple but necessary elements.

It needs some planning and organizing but I have come up with some steps on how to structure my life in order to conserve energy for a modern day adventurous lifestyle.

The simpler you make it, the more energy you are left with!

It is crucial to first get your life in order and consequently focus on your mission of modern adventures! So… simple things first!

I live by the motto “Live a simple life – and a great adventure!” and I’m happy to share my ideas with you!

"Have Your ADVENTURE" combines all the areas of life which together constitute a great preparation for living a simple life and a great adventure.

  • Nutrition
    • Power food, paleo diet, low carb, high protein & fat, all give you energy in order to transform your body into a highly functioning healthy machine
  • Fitness
    • Work-out outside, calisthenics, feel strong and healthy preparing your body to adapt to nature and feel fit for adventure
  • Minimalism
    • Own less and feel rich. Reduce your material possessions in order to fill your life with essential things and rich ideas.
  • Essential Tools
    • Choose the things in your life that are essential to build your career while transforming into a modern adventurer. Few things are important but necessary if you want to be successful and adventurous at the same time. Choose your possessions wisely.

Everything in life needs balance in order to function. Likewise, exciting adventures stand in balance with a simple and organized life. One needs the other if you want to do it right. Being "adventurous" in your home, being messy and having no proven and tested daily routine, trying all kinds of new crazy things in your private life will not leave you energy for the real outside adventure.

You keep your energy for important things by putting your mind, your goals and your home in order first. → simple things first!

"Modern adventures" stands for:

"live a simple life - and a great adventure".

Let’s share this experience together.

Check out my YouTube videos to learn more about the subject on Modern Adventures!

This is Paul the Viking

I’ll see you around!

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