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Location: Vienna, Austria
Duration: 2 hours total
Includes: Snacks and Drinks
Languages: Offered in English
Come and join me on your Journey to be FIT!

About your host

With six years of a committed Paleo Lifestyle, I turned my then 75kg skinny-fat 190cm body into this healthy and fit 100kg Beardbarian machine. I graduated in Leisure Management with emphasis on sports and travel and dedicated years to personal paleo research, daily fitness and a passion for healthy food. With these qualifications I have all the know-how and excitement that people will enjoy at this Experience.

What we’ll do

For all Paleo Diet and Lifestyle enthusiasts I will offer a crash course on all the benefits of conscious paleo living. Learn how to live healthy, lose weight and get strong like a Beardbarian. You can get insights into the ongoing research and the theories which the paleo lifestyle is based on. Get to know how to make your own perfect Paleo Smoothie and what other things you can eat besides a rare steak. Learn how to stay fit and what to do if the spirit is low or the weather is bad. Get ready to get motivated for the future of your more active self.

What I’ll provide

Paleo Smoothie
Paleo Snacks

Where we’ll be

Join me in my home for our Paleo Lifestyle coaching session! It will be a homey atmosphere of a small circle of paleo enthusiasts. I am offering a presentation which is followed by a question and answer session. Every guest can enjoy some self-made paleo smoothie that is tasty and provides you with all the energy you need for a good work-out. Come to a relaxing place to learn about the Paleo lifestyle and get all your questions answered!

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