People who Joined Paul’s Coaching Experiences


The Paleo Lifestyle experience was really great! You learn and see how to live in an easy healthy way with Paleo! Learning about the benefits of and getting an overview on the theory was really great! It is possible to change your lifestyle in just a few steps, to get new energy for our stressful daily lives. Talking about this topic was awesome because in my opinion we should all start to change our lifestyle a bit to keep the world worthy to live in. The conversations at the Experience opened my eyes in how easy it can be! Thank you for the great time and delicious smoothie and especially for your outstanding know-how.
Paul gave us a great experience! I am quite a newbe on this nutrition topic but he totally adopted to our preknowledge and so we got an very interesting and customized workshop. You can ask Paul anything, he has a broad knowledge on nutrition and fitness, Paleo is his passion. But it was not only theory, we also got served tea and Paleo snacks such as dryied fruits, nuts, .. In the end Paul created this healthy (and delicious!!) smoothy for us! The whole session took place in a very comfy setting and it felt like being with friends. I am definitely a new fan of Paleo and with Paul I seem to be in good hands. Absolute recommendation!
Very informative Paleo session. Really knows what he is talking about, lives and breaths paleo all the way through.
Paul’s introductory session on the Paleo lifestyle was very informative and entertaining. He provided us with a useful overview as well as a variety of delicious Paleo snacks and a smoothie to try. On top of that, he managed to meet our own needs and interests by designing this afternoon very interactively and answering questions to our fullest satisfaction. Paul is a very competent and fun guy – I would definitely like to attend further sessions with him!
This was an afternoon well spent! Paul made us feel very welcome and gave us a great introduction to the Paleo lifestyle. Even as a vegetarian Paul offered great suggestions on how to live Paleo. He combines food, work out and lifestyle by talking about his daily routine but also scientific facts that back up the theory. He was able to answer German questions as well, so don't be afraid if your English isn't that great!
Some time ago I decided to avoid high-carb food (rice, bread, potatoes, etc.) whenever I had a choice and since then I was able to reduce my weight significantly and get into a much better shape - all this without some extensive gym-program, etc. Just adapting your diet and doing a little bit of jogging/yoga can work miracles. Knowing this from my own experience, I was very interested in finding out what the paleo lifestyle (in which the most important thing is the low-carb diet) looks like. Paul is great in explaining it and motivating listeners to take such a path. In this introductory session Paul clarified what paleo is, gave examples from his own life and his daily routine and gave answers even to deeper questions on the backgrounds of paleo lifestyle, either in the form of facts from cited literature or in the form of his own opinion - always explaining soundly where his facts and opinions come from. There were also paleo snacks offered 😉 and we joined Paul in preparation of a paleo smoothie - so the practical part of the lifestyle and diet was shown too. In the end of the session he also summed up what the next steps can be if you want to go further along the path and take advanced courses on paleo and on how to start building up your fitness in a more serious way, like through calisthenics. I'm definitely considering this!