Smoothies & Snacks

Hey guys!

Here my long awaited smoothie, powder and nuts list. These are the consumable products I eat on a regular basis besides fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.


A good smoothie needs to consist of various elements that make it great.

We need sweetening fruit (I usually use one or two bananas), a flavoring fruit (these can be oranges, peaches, plums, etc.) and we always want to add some berries or pineapple for their added benefits, as well as liquids, in form of natural coconut milk, almond milk or just unsweetened green tea. Finally you add one good vegetable of choice. How about an avocado, some spinach or kale?

We can finish it off with a splash of olive oil or coconut oil. Don’t forget ice cubes, the blending process heats up the smoothie.


To those fresh fruits and vegetables I usually add a mix of powders consisting of natural proteins and healthy roots.

Here is my recommended list:
(first link Amazon EU, second Amazon US)

Natural protein powder – my current favorites for plant based powders:

And my favorite protein powders, animal based:

  • Egg protein powder
  • Beef protein powder
  •  Cacao powder – for energy and antioxidants (the Mayans used cacao drinks with spices as energy drinks for hunting)
  •  Saw palmetto powder – for prostate health, hair growth, to help with migraine and to increase your libido
  •  Spirulina algae powder – for improved gut health, boosting your metabolism, high in nutrients
  •  Guarana – a natural energy booster, coffee for your muscles, reduce fatigue, improve focus
  •  Maca powder – boost your energy, libido, mood and fertility
  •  Ginseng – benefits brain functions, reduces inflammations, boosts immune system and is a natural aphrodisiac
  •  Nettle root powder – a natural testosterone booster! Increases prostate health, helps with healthy hair and also acts as anti-histamine when having allergies
  •  Kelp powder – improve your thyroid function, high in essential minerals
  •  Turmeric powder – anti-inflammatory with good antioxidants

To the final smoothie you can also add a spoon of chia seeds. Don’t blend them, just use a spoon to stir them in – they can be a great support for your digestive system

I usually add one or two tablespoons of protein powder and then one tablespoon of a mix of many of the powders above. That usually depends on what I find most useful at the time. Feel free to mix and try yourself. You can find your own ratio of powder mixes and add other powders you might find valuable in your case.

Nuts and other Supplements

With my breakfast I usually take some fish oil and a spoon of garlic. I wash that down with a glass of freshly pressed lime in cold green tea.

  •  The fish oil I prefer is the cod liver oil from Green Pastures. This one lasts me about 2 months – it’s a great source of natural vitamin A & D and omega 3 fatty acids

As snacks during the day I like to eat

  •  at least 70% dark chocolate
  •  Almonds
  •  Cashews
  •  Brazil nuts – natural testosterone booster
  •  Macadamia nuts
  •  Algae Snack
  •  Dried mangoes

Let me know what you guys think about my list!

Any suggestions of what you would change or add to the list?

I am curious about your experiences with the different products. Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you are having some great smoothies and healthy snacks.

This is Paul the Viking

And I’ll see you next time.